Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Drought is Coming to an End!

It's pre-season, but it's FOOTBALL!!!

We watched the second half of the Hall of Fame game on Sunday, just because we could. I'll probably skip the Dallas game tonight since they're kicking off so late, but tomorrow we're doing a 3/4 family get-together at Elder Daughter's house to watch the SAINTS roll over the hapless Rams. I'm stretching out my Who Dat!

(It's 3/4 of the family because, for some reason unbeknownst to me, The Son is a 49ers fan and has managed to raise his children in those wicked ways.)

Geaux Saints!!!!


  1. Keep an eye on rookie WR Brandin Cooks. We Beaverfolk miss him...

  2. The Drought is Coming to an End!

    Ummmm... no. No, it's NOT. Pre-season doesn't begin until mid-September at the VERY earliest.

    I wish I could be easily entertained like some folks I know. ;-)

  3. He excelled in training camp, Inno. Looking for big things!

    Yeah, us warm-blooded folk aren't terribly high-maintenance. Usually. Sometimes. ;-)