Monday, August 25, 2014

Puppy Update

The little scudders are growing so fast!  Their eyes are open and they're beginning to try to walk. One of the little Black boys makes a howling sound like a Tribble. And, one of the Yellow girls awoke me at about 3:00 this morning, wailing to beat the band.  She had managed to crawl out of the puppy nursery (wading pool), didn't know where she was, and couldn't get back in! The towel and sheet (now known as the "puppy escape facilitators") have been removed from the puppy pool. Here's a Puppy Pinwheel:

 And a Puppy Pyramid:

And two really cute puppies snuggling:

*ENDORSEMENT ALERT*  MAJOR props and recommendations go out to Freeze Drapery Cleaners & Restoration! You may recall that Mysti started having the puppies while we were out -- she had 3 before we got home. On the sofa in our bedroom! You can imagine what the mess looked like. The good folks at Freeze made that cushion look like new! They even repaired a little rip in a seam! For only $30!!! I'm telling you -- these are exceptional professionals!!

Here's a little cuteness:

I think we're in trouble.