Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Seis de mayo

Oops. I seem to have neglected Cinco de mayo in the blogosphere.

I might have been a day late and a dollar short in posting, but not in the eating department! I made some pretty spectacular Latin-ish food last night. This is a Blackened Shrimp Taco with a Buttermilk Avocado Herb Sauce (using cilantro and parsley from the garden) to kill for:

This is a pretty nifty Taco Casserole (made with ground turkey, lots of cheese, and my own taco seasoning blend that is never the same twice -- I don't like all the salt in commercial seasonings):


Plus, in preparation for this weekend's Mother's Day celebrations, there is this Mexican-themed message:

There were indeed moments. I think I'll have a martini instead. Feliz Seis de mayo!


  1. I thought... albeit VERY briefly... about dragging the blender out and making Margs for Happy Hour yesterday. But... bein' the lazy sort I AM... I opted for G&Ts, instead.

    It's too bad the 5th of May fell on a Monday when the best Mexican restaurant in town is closed (they're closed EVERY Monday). I could have done with some guac and an enchilada or three.

  2. Suffering the shuttering of the best Mexican eatery does indeed suck big time, Buck. I'm glad you opted for the G&T, however. Tequila doesn't like me ordinarily.