Thursday, May 8, 2014

Central Arkansas Weather -- Not Our Friend Right Now

This is the weather map from WWL TV on the afternoon of May 8, a few moments ago.

Please keep the good people who were impacted by the April 27th tornado in your good thoughts. They don't need this.

They don't need this, especially after the Young President interrupted their recovery yesterday with his photo opp stop   en route to fund-raise in California. Talk about a traffic jam.

Sorry. I'm ambivalent about his visit -- it's probably a damned-if-you-go, damned-if-you-don't-go situation. I suppose the people of Vilonia took some comfort from his all-too-few words (in which he mentioned himself a goodly number of times, and explained to his tornado-victim audience how a tornado sounds. Seriously?) and his promise of federal aid. He didn't make stops in Mayflower or Ferndale, but talk radio says his helicopter flew over them as a windshield tour. I seem to recall George W taking some flak for doing that in Air Force 1 after Katrina.

I also might point out that this is Obama's first and only trip to Arkansas, ever. Talk about living in Presidential fly-over country.

Anyway, please keep Central Arkansas in your thoughts.


  1. Anyway, please keep Central Arkansas in your thoughts.

    Done. I HATE tornado season.

  2. Think we briefly got some microburst-like conditions last night that turned into a tornado warning as it crossed the river. Wind blew so hard the rain was going horizontal, trees were bending, and the wind was whistling around the doorframes. No real damage, though there's a lot of limbs and branches scattered around.

  3. Thanks, Buck.

    Glad it wasn't worse, Dave. I haven't assessed the Manor yet, but I saw on FB that a friend in Hillcrest got 3" of rain.