Thursday, May 8, 2014

In Other News: Porker Makes a Break

At the risk of eliciting bad jokes about the rather rural nature of my home state, I just had to share this video. It was taken this morning, during rush hour, on Interstate 30 inside the city. It seems that a hog, being transported from Point A to Point B escaped from his trailer. A police pursuit ensued:

Unfortunately for Porky, the fleet-of-foot, the end result probably wasn't exactly what he expected. I understand there's to be a rather big barbecue. . .


  1. And that's the kind of stuff I've come to love about Arkansas since moving here.

  2. Since my daughter and I recently had to capture a small piglet, I feel for these guys. In the words of my mother (who was no help in catching the piglet) "Pigs are smarter than some people." Although we caught our piglet fairly easily using a hog-panel and a pet taxi, guys who think they can catch a 300 pound hog with their hands are dumber than the pig.