Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Of Squirrels and Bathtubs

My squirrel resistant birdfeeder is proving up to the task, but the other one has been compromised.  They have figured out that they can hang upside down on the chain and tug open the top, then swing it a little, spilling copious amounts of seed to the ground where they munch at leisure. This maneuver and its consequences also pleases the herds of chipmunks that live below the deck.


On a different note, have I ever mentioned  that, while Moogie's Mansion had 4 bathrooms, they were all very small and had strange old bathtubs.  Not clawfoot or anything, but just uncomfortable tubs. Consequently, I rarely, if ever, took baths, opting for showers instead.  Since moving to the Manor, however, I have become a convert to the pleasures of a bath.  Our master bath has a whirlpool tub and separate shower (in which we replaced the shower head with a big honkin', multi-stream shower head! Love me some "oxygenated" shower.).   I had no idea what I've been missing!  Not only is a whirlpool a wondrous thing, there is also a skylight so I can watch the clouds roll by as I relax.  This is the view from my tub --

Photo: This is the view from my bathtub. Sweet.

Take that, squirrels!  As long as I can relax and get clean at the same time, you can't raise my blood pressure too high no matter how many times I have to re-set the birdfeeder!  BIRD being the operative part of that word.

I hope they don't figure out how to get on the roof and torment me through the skylight.

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  1. You need to counsel Bouie and Mysti about their squirrel guard responsibilities. I had this lil rat-terrier (not the breed, just a description) back in the day who was serious Hell-On-Wheels when it came to squirrels -- a real killer. The only part I didn't like about that was her trophy presentations. Gross.

    Your bath descriptions sound wonderful. I never had a bath tub during my ten years in ECMdP... so I did much the same thing with baths as you when I moved into my fixed-address abode. The novelty wore off in about a week, though. ;-)