Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Monthsday! (And Other Goings On)

Mysti Puppy Girl is 10 months old!  She met her new vet on Monday -- she's up to 59 pounds!  Long, lean, lanky, and as crazy as a June bug.  Seriously, there is more puppy in that puppy than in a whole litter of Jack Russell terriers (and that's saying something!).  She literally bounces off the walls (and the couch, and people sitting on the couch!  You should see the bruises.).

In other news, the IRS needs some serious supervision (or abolition), and the Hasan/Ft. Hood massacre trial is breaking my heart.  I'm not sure how I want the punishment to be meted out.  It would be interesting to see whether Obama would order a death sentence carried out, but sentencing Hasan to death would play right into his -- and radicalized Muslims' -- hand, worldwide.  But, the idea of paying for him to eat and have the very best medical care galls my soul. 


And, in happier news, The Son is no longer the World's Oldest First Lieutenant!  He's now among the World's Oldest Captains!  He was pinned a few weeks ago, and DIL's uncle threw a very nice Promotion Party for him last night.  Pepper's brother from Wyoming just happened to be in the state for his high school reunion.  He stayed with us Wednesday night, and went to the party with us last night.  Their sister came to the Big City for the party, too (she and her husband live in a little town near Lake DeGray that's just kind of a wide spot on the highway).  Here's the family reunion --

They don't look like one another very much, huh?  Heh. I love my in-laws!  Since, until recently, we all lived in three different states, we have learned that we must take every opportunity that comes along to get together.  All too often that's at a sad occasion as we lay a loved one to rest.  This, however, being a happy event, made the gathering all the better.  Now, if we can just get brother-in-law to move back to the Home State . . . .

Have a Happy Friday!  I will!


  1. So... one wonders how you got Mysti to sit still for her portrait, which is quite good, btw.

    This post is chock full o' good news, so congrats to the newly-pinned captain and good on ya for getting together with the family.

    We shan't comment on Hasan.

  2. So Pepper's brother is MIA in the pic I stole. Let me see what I can do about that.

  3. So Pepper's brother is MIA in the pic I stole. Let me see what I can do about that.

  4. I love black labs.

    And as far as the Ft. Hood shooter goes, I think they should bring back drawing and quartering.

    Enjoying the wet, stormy evenings? Much better than the dry, blistering heat we had the last two summers around here.

  5. I don't get why, since Hasan admits he was the killer, this farce is even going on.

    Beautiful dog, and looks like you have a lovely yard.