Thursday, February 9, 2012

Roseldy Poseldy, Cutest of Puppy Dogs . . .

Pepper and I held her as she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon.  She was peaceful and ready to go, having shared my turkey wrap for lunch, plus having snarfed down several treats after the sedative.  They gave her the hiccups.

Now she can see again, and chase Red Ball, and Sit Pretty, and she has a voice again so she can yap at passersby.

And she told me that she'd be waiting for us at the Bridge, and will show us around when we get there, along with Wendy and Chewy and the others who preceded her.

She hasn't steered me wrong in 17 years -- why should she start now?

(Believe it or not, I'm not crying in this pic, taken this morning in the good light -- I just have a bad cold.  But Younger Daughter told me last night that I needed to have a picture of just Rosie and me, especially since I'm the one usually taking the pictures of Rosie and somebody else.  I think she was right.)

Farewell, Rosie Posie. We love you more than you can know.


  1. Condolences.

    When that time comes in my house (hopefully still a long ways off) I know I'll be a useless wreck for some time afterwards.

  2. You may not be crying, but I am.

  3. Moogie, I saw this post title in my Feedreader, and I can not read it.

    I know what it is, and I have avoided it for several hours.

    Okay, I went ahead on and read it.

    So...what Lou said.

  4. I'm so sorry Moogie. You may not be crying, but I am.

  5. Awwww... she will be missed so much. A sweet companion for 17 years is incredible.

  6. Lou and Deb said it best. My heart goes out to you and Pepper, Moogie.

  7. Thank you all, my friends. I have learned today that letting go of our Rosie will be a process, not a date certain. I cherish all your support, however. It means more than you know. It's Bouie I really worry about.

  8. Oh no. I'm sorry that I saw this so late. I know what you went through and are still going through, and it's hard. Remember to balance it against the years of love and good times. And if you need anything, drop me an e-mail. Seriously.

  9. Thanks, Murph. I relied on your parting with Lagniappe to help me through this process. Truly.