Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Attack of the Killer Vegetation

Look at the size of the dandelions in my back courtyard!

That's a size 6.5 beside it!  Do you think the White House has come up with a way to eliminate us with primeval vegetation?

And, where did they get it?

It's conspiracy theory day.


  1. >>>Do you think the White House has come up with a way to eliminate us with primeval vegetation?

    You will eat your healthy salad, citizen, or the salad will eat you!

  2. Aaaggghhh!!!!!!!!!!' run!!!!!!!!

  3. It's conspiracy theory day.

    Oh... Goodie! I need to come up with one now. Thanks, Moogie.

    As for what Inno said: you CAN eat dandelions, but ya gotta get 'em while they're young and tender.

  4. Moogie, we're swimming in the same pond.

    I have NEVER in all my 52 years seen as many unwanted weeds...gots some new ones I can't even my yard.

    And, the rascals be huge.

    Of course, I can not remember as mild a Winter, either. Sure, we've had as wet...but I can't remember one as mild. After the brutally cold one we had last year (many stretches of record "lows"), I'm certainly not complaining, mind you.

    But, I could have taken that very pitcher on my side flagstone patio. Of course, my foots ain't as little, nor cute...but you know what I mean.

  5. Can't wait to see what our conspiracy is, Buck!

    I think " thy" may have been inkering with our weather, aandy. At least insofar as promoting the growth of weeds bigger than my dainty foot! I fear the insects that weren't killed off this "winter."

  6. Were you commenting from your iPhone? The keypad is little bitty you know.

    Yeah...lots of insects. Have you heard about all the bats that are showing up everywhere in droves now?

    They'll handle it.

    I gots red wasps & honey bees everywhere. I'm lovin' it!