Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coming to Terms, With Attitude

I picked up my precious Rosie's ashes from the Vet's office the day before yesterday -- on Valentine's Day.  The "Heaven's Pets" people had snipped a lock of her black and white curly tail and sealed it in a bag.  (I had forgotten they do that -- I learned when we lost Wendy.)  It took my breath away for a moment when I first pulled the translucent black cloth bag out of the envelope containing the Certificate of Cremation and a copy of "The Rainbow Bridge" personalized for Rosie.  But, then, I pressed the little bag to my chest and felt a wave of peace pass over me.  I'll have a little bit of my puppy with me forever.

Early Wednesday morning, she came to me in a dream.  She saw me and pranced over to me with Red Ball in her mouth and nuzzled my hand!  I could feel it as plainly as I feel my fingertips on the keyboard right now.

We did the right thing by letting her go.

Someday I'll post the limerick I wrote for her when she was a puppy.  My children thought I was nuts.  (Still do.)

So, I think I'll try to remember her like she was in the picture above, when she had spunk to spare.

And, Pepper told me that if I get to missing her too much, he'll walk around in circles on the bed, then fall off, and wipe his face on my clothes.  I may take him up on his offer just to watch it.

But now, so as not to be a totally maudlin Debbie Downer, I'll share the new philosophy that I've recently adopted -- kind of Moogie's passive-aggressive version of GOML*:

Sorry.  Have a lovely day!

*Get Off My Lawn


  1. The new philosophy works for me.

    Will you get another dog? Some people do and some don't.

  2. It hurts less over time. For me, the fond memories outweigh the sadness at the end. And I truly believe that our beloved dog friends will be waiting for us when we go, because what kind of Heaven would it be without all that love?

  3. I may take him up on his offer just to watch it.

    I would, were I you. That bit made me smile, Moogie.

    I understand what you mean by "doing the right thing." I felt the same way after letting my beloved pups go.

    Regarding your newly-adopted philosophy... you sound like my former mother-in-law and I mean that in the VERY best way possible. I respected that woman a lot and she thought the exact same way.

  4. And, Pepper told me that if I get to missing her too much, he'll walk around in circles on the bed, then fall off, and wipe his face on my clothes. I may take him up on his offer just to watch it.

    Bwahahahahaha! Moogie, set your iPhone up and start the video rolling before he gets to the bedroom. Jeepers, that would be some fun!

    I read something a while back written by a fellow whose wife had always been the "doormat" of his family. He said that she walked in to the kitchen one morning and stated, "I'm tired of being the family's bitch! From now on, I'm gonna be the BITCH OF THE FAMILY!

    I know you're not going that far with it, but age & experience should earn us some "perks," IMHO!

  5. Moogie, my best to you! I know that you miss your dog dearly. I bet Rosie is looking from the heavens.

  6. We will probably get another dog at some point so that Bouie can have a playmate -- he's never been an only dog before -- but not for a little while, Lou.

    I'm with you about Heaven, Murph!

    I'll try to get it on video if I decide to take Pepper up on his offer, Buck and Andy!

    Thanks, Mystere.

  7. Puuuuuuleeeeeeezzzzzzze do the video deal.

    You can use my YouTube account. I'll give you the user account and password just so I can look at that.

    You're a blessed lady, have a husband offer such love (and possible WWW humiliation)...well...

    You are a blessed lady.