Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wake Up! It's 2012!!!

To one and all (except maybe for a few folks in DC), HAPPY 2012!!

May this new year provide you and yours with twelve flavors of awesome, health, happiness, and prosperity.

And, maybe a Razorback victory in the Cotton Bowl. And another Saints Super Bowl ring.

Maybe a Powerball win or two.

And the safe return of all our military members to the loving arms of their families and loved ones.

Now, go eat that pork roast and those black eyed peas and cabbage! (Moogie is preparing cabbage and Brussels sprouts because we can use every single dollar the Fates can spare!). The Lord helps those who help themselves!


  1. Nyuk! The Lord helps those who help themselves.

    I'm pretty sure that's in The Holy Bible, but if it's not, it oughta be.

    Moogie, your Hawgz will win easily in the Cotton Bowl.

    You (nor I) will win The Powerball.

    I'm sure hoping you're right about the safe return of ALL our military members. Dean's scheduled to be back in late March. I had an overwhelmingly terrible feeling today while I was at work concerning him.

    I'm gonna chalk it up to eating Hospital biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

    Happy 2012, my good friend! 'Preciate ya' more than I can say.

  2. You (nor I) will win The Powerball.

    Ooooops...that didn't make sense.

    Okay, "Neither you, or I will win The Powerball."

    Fixed it.

  3. Thems some pretty good New Year's wishes. Happy New Year to Moogie's house.

  4. I've heard (and practiced) the New Year's/black eyed peas thang. But cabbage and Brussels sprouts? New to me...

    I was premature on the cabbage and totally lacking on the other two, and will be forever lacking where the sprouts are concerned, unless they're of the alfalfa or bean varieties.

    Happy New Year!!