Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good Medicine

Pepper and I are in the midst of our annual Christmas Cold and Sinus Infection Extravaganza.  I thought we might escape it this year because it didn't strike until New Year's Eve, but, noooo.  It was just teasing us and landed on us with all four feet as we headed back home.

I was afraid I'd bleed out through the nose and someone would have to change the icky sheets (I know -- TMI.  Sorry, but this is really how I think sometimes), so I broke down and went to the doc yesterday.  She armed me with Amoxicillin and nasal spray to supplement the Coricidin HBP.

I always hate the second day of antibiotics.  The biotics rise up in self-defense and fight back hard, turning one's body into a sore and battered battlefield for a day or two.  Then the meds usually take the high ground, and one begins to feel better on day 4 or 5.  So, listen up, microbes -- you stand no chance, so why don't you just give up and surrender peaceably now?  You know you can't win -- so, why engage in shock and awe just for effect's sake?

Toward the end of his military career, Pepper traveled quite a bit and came to refer to commercial airplanes as "silver flying pathogen tubes."  I think he might have been onto something there, and the same general idea (although an earthbound version) might apply to the homes of friends and family during the holidays.

Oh, well.  At least my misery is not compounded by the agony of a Razorback defeat in the Cotton Bowl!  Despite what the FOX sportscasters might have preferred, the Hogs whomped up big time on the Kansas State Undomesticated Pussycats! 

Now, I think that a Saints victory tonight over the Lion Cubs, followed by an LSU drubbing of St. Nick on Monday might be just the little bit of extra tonic I need to make a full recovery before donning my nurse's cap to take care of Pepper next week after his rather extensive oral surgery. 

Perhaps we should start referring to Moogie's Mansion as Mayo South.

Who Dat!!!


  1. Everyone around us is sick right now. Toby and I have been fighting colds for what seems like weeks, but not as bad as some folks. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Moogie, I work at a hospital. You and Pepper are "the rule," rather than the exception.

    At least y'all don't have "the old folks friend," and will survive.

    Sucks, really.

    Good on your Hawgz! I was anticipating a bigger drubbing of the Mildcats, but y'all done good...y'all are the third best team in the nation after all.

    I read your HB post to the little critter, but was just now coming around to comment on it. Bless her heart. And, bless y'all's hearts.

    Y'all have had Rosie longer than we have had #4 Son, Paul. I know it's got to be difficult for her.

    Lookit! Y'all get well, for Heaven's sake!!! We're gonna need you in top form when we take on The 'Bamaroids & Corch St. Nick.

  3. Sorry about the rampant infirmities Chez Moogie and my best wishes for you and Pepper gettin' on the mend, soonest. I'm knocking on wood as I type this... but this year I've escaped any and all bad stuff. So far.

    Good On Dem Hogz!

  4. Hope you get better and HOW 'Bout THEM Hawgs! Those commentators were ridiculously in favor of that other team. Made us so irritated. Victory was all the more sweet because nobody ever seems to gives the Hogs any cred. What a great end to an awesome Razorback season!

  5. Get better!

    A couple years ago I got hit so hard and so suddenly by a virus that it literally left me laying on the bathroom floor and losing the feeling in my extremities. One of the EMTs that responded referred to the local commuter rail system as "The Petri Dish".