Friday, January 6, 2012

COLLEGE GAMEDAY and 17 Candles . . .

. . . for our little Rosie!  Since she can't see them to blow them out, the 17 candles are metaphorical, but we wish her the happiest birthday ever anyway!  Here's last year's birthday post:

Happy Belated Birthday . . .

. . . to our Rosie! On January 6th she attained the ancient and revered age of 16. In people years!

These pics were made back when she could still see and get around by herself outdoors. She used to love to sit on the porch in the sun and watch the world go 'round, and yap at me to prepare her supper faster.

She's still a feisty little thing, despite having suffered several strokes that took her voice. She's recovered her hearing now and her sense of smell. She still likes to sniff around the front yard (and our dinner plates!), but I can't leave her unattended outdoors anymore. She walks in circles, and I'm too scared she'd somehow get under the house and I couldn't get to her.

She may not be with us too much longer, but I'm going to treasure each and every day that she walks around in circles on the bed and wipes her face on me after she eats.

Sixteen years is a long time to love someone.

If she could only tell all the stories she must have on my kids!

She has fallen off the bed two nights this week and hit the ground pretty hard.  I'm afraid her back legs are getting to be a little more than she can handle -- they aren't working too well lately.  I don't want her to suffer, but we're not quite to that rainbow bridge yet.  I get to cuddle with her a little bit longer.  Because . . .
She certainly wouldn't want to miss hearing the Razorbacks rough up Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl tonight!!  WPS!!!
Those Undomesticated Pussycats are gonna find out that they aren't in Kansas any more.


  1. Good on Rosie! I can only hope that mine make it that long.

  2. Snuggle her up as long as you can.

  3. Seventeen years might be some sorta canine longevity record. Rosie is not only cute and cuddly but she obviously has GREAT doggie genes. I hear ya about the Rainbow Bridge, for I've been there and done that and my heart hasn't been the same since.

  4. I hope they do, too, Inno!

    I will, Lou. I will.

    Those must be some remarkable genes, Buck. And I know what you mean. When we put Wendy down, she was so ready and so sick. Her heart was failing and she couldn't breathe. Rosie is in relativey good health, for being Methuselah-ette.