Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To All Our U.S. Vets -- Thank You! Love, Moogie

This morning a grateful France rang and donated a beautiful, precisely measured replica of the Liberty Bell, cast in Normandy, to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. The bell sang in E Flat to commemorate the liberation of France and Europe from the Nazi yoke by the Allied Forces. Such a lovely ceremony -- 5 American WWII Vets were also awarded the French Legion of Honor medal, 2 posthumously, by French diplomats and military brass.
Happy Veterans Day.


  1. The Liberty Bell replica is just pretty danged cool. What a wonderful way to celebrate veterans Day!

    Did you by chance get to speak with that old French Navy gentleman at the right rear in the bell picture? He looks interesting as all get out...

  2. He's an honest-to-God retired French Admiral! Who knew?!?! There was also an active 2-star French Air Force General. I must admit, I was impressed.