Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hood, Remembered and Held in Honor

The roll call goes unanswered.

Rest In Peace, valiant fallen of Fort Hood, and may God's peace comfort your loved ones.

May the wounded have a full and swift recovery.

And may we -- all of those left behind -- never take a single member of our uniformed services, nor a moment in time, for granted.

If I hear one more television commentator refer to First "Calvary" or an Army "Base" I may have to scream.


  1. I'd like to take this moment to thank our VALIANT VETERANS - and to those who turn on their fellow service members, may the Lord have HIS way with them in the end. God help me for what I'm really thinking and help me to see this through a judicial lens.

  2. I wanna add my thanks to your hubby, too, Moogie.

    And Hey!... I served a year with the Army (in an AF tenant unit on an Army listening post on Turkey's Beautiful Black Sea coast - heh), so I have a little feel for what life is like with the Ground Pounders. Which also served to reinforce the wisdom of my decision to join the Air Force. ;-)

    That said, I'm grateful that folks do join the Army. Seriously.