Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Congress: It Won't Work, no Matter How Clandestine Your Behavior

Emailed this morning to my Congressman, Anh "Joseph" Cao, and Pelosi, plus to Vic Snyder and Mike Ross of Arkansas:

Congressman Cao:
I called your office this morning concerning the pending health care reform bill. I'm following up that call with an email to reiterate my position that your publicly announced refusal to comment on the bill until after a vote is wholly unacceptable. It is your job to comment -- not to keep your constituents guessing what actions you may take. Please take note that my opinion about your duties doesn't exist in a vacuum -- I venture that the vast majority of your constituents share my thoughts.

I also emailed the following to Speaker Pelosi this morning; please take my comments to heart:

Speaker Pelosi:
My husband and I are opposed to the healthcare reform bill you announced on October 29th.

(1) The Bill demands an unprecedented expansion of the federal government -- that expansion, both in the Executive branch and via the Legislative branch, is beyond unacceptable, it is intolerable; (2) The Bill is overreaching and overbroad -- vast improvements in the delivery of health care and reining in its costs could be achieved incrementally instead of attempting to eat the elephant in one gulp; (3) The Bill is too expensive and will result in irreparable damage to small business, and will soon require dramatic increases in the middle class tax burden (how you characterize what you snatch out of a taxpayer's pocket doesn't matter -- a "fee," a "penalty," a "tax" -- they're all exactions, and they'll all wind up in government coffers); (4) The Bill's efficacy is, without doubt, unsustainable. Period.

I am a registered Independent, but I intend to dedicate my time, talents, and resources to the defeat of all Members of Congress -- regardless of party affiliation -- who vote in favor of your merged mark-up of HB 3200. This Bill represents the very worst of Government, the antithesis of our Representative Republic.

Please withdraw this ignominious and unabashed power-grab disguised as legislation, and return the healthcare debate to where it belongs -- in the open Democratic process under the watchful eye of reason.

Most sincerely,


My husband and I think we heard something about healthcare for pets yesterday. Although that would make Bouie happy, I hope we were just having a "senior moment" and made that up.

I'm gearing up for either the Gulag or Gitmo! Send cookies.


  1. Wow! Impressive. It's just too damned sad Pelosi won't take you to heart, Moogie. I really don't understand that woman... and most of her ilk, male or female. Lord knows I've tried, and the Lord also knows I used to be a Lefty and should have at least a modicum of understanding of that particular mindset. But I don't.

  2. You may not believe this and I've yet to see it in print, but a person on FOX yesterday said that your pets would be covered under the healthcare plan - was I imagining that?

  3. I think that's what we heard. Egad.

  4. I see your man Cao voted FOR Pelosi's abomination. That's probably why he acted as he did before the vote, eh?