Friday, June 15, 2018

An Anniversary to Remember

On June 10, 1978, Pepper and I watched as Affirmed won the Triple Crown by edging out Alydar in the Belmont.We were on our 1-day honeymoon at DeGray Lodge in an Arkansas state park on Lake DeGray. We had eaten our Wedding Night dinner at Glynn's Truck Stop in Arkadelphia on our was to the Lodge after our Friday night wedding.  Here we are heading to the Lodge.  Look how young and skinny!

Flash forward 40 years. On June 9, 2018, Pepper and I watched as Justify took the Triple Crown!  It seems that our wedded bliss is good for racehorses.  Pep says we should watch another on our 80th anniversary.

Forty years married.  Dang.  I guess we'll keep one another around.

What a guy!

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  1. Happy anniversary! The Triple Crown on you anniversary was exciting, too.