Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ringing in the New Year, Just a Titch Late

So much to weigh in on; so little time.

Moogie's Manor witnessed happy times and sad times in 2015. So many of both that I was overwhelmed and decided not to do a newsletter to accompany the Christmas Cards. I just couldn't bring myself to re-hash the birth of Grandbaby #6, the death of the son's marriage, two new homes for daughters, my Daddy's fight against lung cancer, and the loss of our precious pup.

So, Happy belated 2016!!!

We're slowly adjusting to life at Moogie's Manor without Bouie. And just when the pain seems to be dulling, someone, like Elder Daughter, will go and do something sweet that brings a new lump to the throat. Like giving this to us for Christmas:

A friend of hers did the sketch of Bouie from a photo. He was looking at a decoy that Pepper was getting ready to throw for him to fetch. Can you see the eagerness on his face? And, Elder Daughter wrote "Bouie's Prayer" on the side.

We had such a mild fall and early winter that my massive crops produced well into December! Of course, I didn't always get to harvest the fruits of my labors.

Mardi Gras is really early this year!  Like a week from today!  Pepper and I won't be able to make the trek this year because we were just in New Orleans for the CAMAN Ball so we could visit with friends (and so I could wear my crown and throw cheap plastic trinkets into a crowd!), and that's just too quick of a turnaround (and too expensive to board the dogs!). But, the day after the Christmas decorations came down (January 6th -- Epiphany/Twelfth Night), Mardi Gras decorations went up, including outdoor purple, green, and gold icicle twinkle-lights (that don't photograph very well). There are lots of memories on that table and sideboard, The mask in the lower pic was the one I wore to conceal my identity as I entered the ballroom in 2013 as Queen CAMAN XL.

Our neighbors still aren't very sure about us. But they do enjoy the lights!

While we were in NOLA, we stopped by Rouse's! Here are King Cakes for Super Bowl Sunday! They've been in the freezer for a few weeks. Krogerville carries King Cakes, but they're not made in-house, and they're plain, not filled. Moogie is a bit of a King Cake snob.

This is what it looked like on January 22nd! Then, the next day the high was in the 60s and most of the pretty snow was gone. Today we will hit close to 80. Tomorrow we'll plunge again, hitting lows in the 20s. At least we can get the fireplace going again. *Sigh*

Early in January we got an ark-full of rain. Days and days of rain! When it finally stopped, I spied this in the side flower bed:

Now, that was a lot of rain! Heh. 'Twasn't fit for man nor beast! Nor rubber duckies.

New Year's Eve was welcomed by most of the family at the Manor. We ate and drank and played board games ("Cards Against Humanity" -- what a hoot!) and threw birdseed into the air off the deck at midnight, instead of fireworks. We used to do that with the girls when they were little, and they wanted their boys to pick up the tradition. It's good for life to go on, and for one's children to appreciate their past.

So, Cheers to 2016!!! May we all be happy, healthy, and prosperous! Especially that happy part.

Especially those happy and healthy parts.


  1. I'm not sure I knew all those things were going on in your life this past year. Losing Bouie broke my heart. Back when I first started blogging, my dad was battling cancer. Tough times. Children and grandchildren can bring us such joy, yet we hurt so much for them when hey hurt. It's funny how we go through the year dealing with things as they come. It is not until we stop and take a look back that we think, "How did I make it through that?" Well, blessing to you in 2016.

  2. Now ya gotta come visit again...and dogs are welcome!