Friday, February 12, 2016

In Today's Sports News

The good news for (Mr. Pouty-face Mc-Cry Baby) Cam Newton?  He was paid a bonus of $51,000 for losing the Super Bowl!

The bad news?  Since The Big Game was played there, and based on its convoluted, confiscatory tax system, Newton will owe the state of Kalifornia $137, 900 in taxes on that little bonus. That's an effective tax rate of freaking 172.2%!!! Plus 40.5% to the IRS!!

Hardly seems worth the effort, does it?  Think again. If he had led his team to victory, he would have owed only 86.3% of the winners' bonus. Kinda makes you want to re-think that decision not to go after the fumble, doesn't it, Cam?

One must live with the consequences of his choices, young man. Take a lesson.


The oddly-named new Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, who apparently lied his way into office, addressed the State last night on this year's proposed budget. Louisiana's fiscal condition is kinda in quicksand right about now, and the Gov came up with an interesting idea for getting the citizenry on board with his plans for new taxes (after he had done a "Read my lips -- no new taxes" number on the voters before his election).

He let it slip that, theoretically, without an infusion of new funding, LSU would have to shut down before this spring semester is over, and, ultimately, that could result in no LSU Tigers football in the fall!!

I think that, rather than getting taxpayers on board, his suggestion is more likely to lead to what ultimately took out another populist governor, Huey P. Long. It is the SEC, after all.

And, unbelievably, Grandson #1 turns 16 today!  How can he be 16? He was just crawling yesterday! His father wished him a happy birthday on Facebook thusly: "Lookout, everyone! This young man is about to head out into the world in a 3,000 4x4. If you were scared very afraid now.
Proud of you, buddy. I love you. Happy 16th!"

But, The Son sent this text to our family: "No big party or anything, but if you guys want to drop by tonight to see Will, he will be home around 7. I'll be here drinking whiskey and trying not to think about what I just turned loose in the world." Ah, parenthood.

Happy birthday, Will!!!

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