Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Musings

Today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette notes that "the Chinese government confiscated 8,000 rolls of toilet paper and 20,000 packages of tissue paper that were to be sold during the Chinese New Year and that were adorned with unflattering images of [Hong Kong's] pro-Beijing chief executive." Who do they think they are? The IRS?

I'm really, really glad I don't live in China. I'd wind up in jail for sure.

How 'bout that Brian Williams! He's laying low until the Liar-gate kerfuffle blows over. I'd say his credibility is pretty well shot. I won't miss him, though -- we don't watch the letter networks' national news. There are some good gigs at him circulating around Facebook -- this is one of my favorites:

I've also seen depictions of him at Iwo Jima and with Abe Lincoln, among others. Heh.

The girl dogs have been getting a little pushy when it comes to our snacks:

"Hand over the cheese dip and no one gets hurt."

That's all I've got. I think I might go take a little nap.  See ya.