Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Reunion -- Get Out the Tissues

This video is out of Chicago, from the ABC affiliate there. It depicts the arrival of a bomb-sniffing dog named Clia in the airport concourse after her retirement. She was surprised by her former handler who has been allowed to adopt her. Her sheer joy at seeing him, and his obvious love for her, are genuinely heartwarming. I get happy tears every time I watch it -- and I've watched it a lot!

Her handler, SGT Jason Bos, says, "It's time for her to retire and live the couch life." I love  the comments left on the original post on Facebook.


  1. I saw this on the TV. Obviously Clia and Jason have an amazing bond. I also watched a PBS show on odd animal bonding - like a cheetah and a dog. I think I need a cheetah.

  2. Unfortunately, we are leaving our dogs in piles of dead in the Middle East once we are done with them. THAT makes me cry. They give 100% and then we kill them because we don't have a use for them any more.

  3. At least we're bringing more home now.