Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Moral of the Story: Don't Roast Other People's Weinies

It appears that New Orleans doesn't have an exclusive lock on bizarre crimes.

A former Little Rock Police officer (he was a former officer because he had been fired after multiple suspensions) died early Friday morning in the yard of a blogging hot dog vendor.  For real.

The Democrat-Gazette reported on the crime in Saturday's edition -- the Comments are rather enlightening. Here's the skinny:

It seems that a Mr. Ean Bordeaux, who goes by the nickname "War Chief" of the Creole Houma-Choctaw Nation, makes his living running a hot dog stand in the River Market district. (Side note: His cart sells "Willy Dogs," which is kinda amusing since his assigned spot is on President Clinton Drive. "Slick Willy" -- get it? Heh. I wonder if he did it on purpose.)  Mr. Bordeaux also publishes a blog entitled, "Corruption Sucks," in which he recounts what he perceives as central Arkansas officials' misdeeds. "Syndicated  Social Justice Worldwide." (Caveat: Mr. Bordeaux uses rather -- ummm -- colorful language.)

Some years ago, Mr. Bordeaux witnessed then-Officer Todd Payne brush off a bar fight while on duty in the River Market by refusing to interfere or help the bar's owner. Bordeaux blogged about the event, and other of Payne's misadventures. A lot. He continued to blog about Mr. Payne and his wrongdoings even after Payne was fired by the LRPD in 2010, the most recent post being entered on March 1 of this year.  A scrolling banner proclaims in red, "This page will be updated regularly." He refers to Payne as Joel "Creepy Todd" Payne. Payne apparently was, indeed, rather creepy. Payne apparently also took major offense to Bordeaux's attentions.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, Bordeaux was awakened by his dogs' frantic barking. He checked a security monitor and saw his Willy Dog cart -- his Willy Dog cart that was equipped with a propane tank -- ablaze in the backyard, adjacent to the house where his four children were sleeping. He dashed outdoors, put out the flames with his hands, and called 911.  While awaiting the police, Bordeaux saw a man wearing a hat and mask pouring lighter fluid onto the cart. He chased the man, tackled him, and held him down until police arrived. When unmasked, it turns out that the man was Creepy Todd, a rather portly fellow, and that Creepy Todd was dead. (Facts in addition to those published by the Demo-zette are courtesy of Forbidden Hillcrest, an amusing local blog about "Little Rock crime, history, and weirdness." Also, a trashy blog, Americans Against the Tea Party.)

Mr. Bordeaux was questioned, but has not been charged.

I think this incident qualifies for the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" file.


  1. I think this incident qualifies for the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" file.

    I think you're right. But all's well that ends well, as they say. So far.