Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Guy Ain't Exactly Mister Rogers

Just look at this sweet face, soaking in the warm, early-spring sun this afternoon.  Take a good, long look. Can you imagine this people-pleasing pup being guilty of doing anything to cause a human being any consternation?

I didn't think so.

Well, guess again.

Yesterday, Pepper and I were working in the backyard, getting ready for spring by raking up near-literal tons of leaves and sweet gum balls, and the dogs were "helping" us by transporting sticks from one spot to another, and playing in general as big dogs are wont to do. They wandered off every now and then, so we tried to keep up with their whereabouts and call them back if they strayed too far for comfort. 

Looking from the deck, this is part of the green space with a little creek running through it behind the house. You can imagine how big ol' Labradors would just relish romping around out there.

As we were packing up the tools and getting ready to call it a day in the clean-up department, Pepper whistled for Bouie.  At the same time, a neighbor we've never met (because they live on a street far away -- our backyard backs up to that green belt, as do many others from many other streets) yelled out, "Hey!!! Your dog is in my yard taking a pi$$!"

Seeing as how that's pretty much what boy dogs do, both of us were a bit taken aback, as you might imagine.

As you may have deduced over the years that there is a reason my husband's parents nicknamed him "Pepper," you might also imagine that the air might have turned blue in Pepper's general vicinity while he explained to the unneighborly neighbor just how the cow ate the cabbage. (Or, how the labrador hiked his leg.) But, the air retained its pure, clean hue.

Instead, a few long moments of silence ensued while my imagination worked overtime at lightning speed to try to predict what was preparing to explode form my soulmate's mouth.  But then, instead of spewing invective, he simply said rather loudly, "Oh. . . . Sorry."  Then he called Bouie again.

I was very proud of my Pepper for taking the high road.  Even so, we both had a hard time letting go of this episode throughout the evening.  I mean, Bouie didn't poop, or trample any plants, or "water" the guy's grill cover or anything! He aimed at a tree, for crying out loud!  I mean, it's still stuck in my craw today. What does that guy think the coyotes do back there?!?!  No one should use that tone with someone he's never met.  Nor with his best friends or acquaintances, for that matter.

Here's a view of the neighbor's "pristine" yard from the back rail of our deck:

Looks pretty special, huh?  I'm glad the trees will leaf out soon and we won't have to look at it until Fall.

While all the neighbors on our street are very nice, pleasant folks, the people on his street must not all fit that bill.  I have, therefore, decided to put this guy in the "a**holes I don't care to get to know better" category. He'll have to earn his way out of it.

What do you wanna bet that he's a progressive?



  1. What do you wanna bet that he's a progressive?

    Heh. I won't take that bet... Dude is too close to the profile.

    OTOH, it's nice your weather warmed up enough that you could spend some quality time in the yard. Our WX has taken the opposite tack: yesterday in the 70s, today it's the high 40s.

  2. Yeah. We're back in the 50s today. Crazy

  3. Pepper was nicer than I'd have been, but he did take the right road. As for Bouie...Go git him, boy!

    People like that guy are the fence industry's best friends.

  4. I don't do neighbors very well - especially ones who have moved from the city to country life and haven't a clue. We had neighbors who put a big light on their barn - one that shown across the pasture and lit up our bedroom. This was the second light; the first being a big security light that I had been tempted to shoot out. When we asked the neighbor to turn off the barn light at night, he replied that his horses needed it to see at night. Good grief.

  5. Yeah, your neighbor sounds like another peach, Lou. Sorry.