Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Circle Remains Unbroken

There's an angel on my shoulder.  JB's gardenia cutting not only survived and is growing, it's blooming!!!

You know how Moogie can be a little strange when it comes to the prophetic value of ordinary things that surround us.  Well, I believe that the successful rooting and thriving of my treasured gardenia is JB's way of celebrating the upcoming birth of her third grandchild -- and first granddaughter.  She'd just do something like that!

I also treated myself to some potted tulips from the Krogerville earlier this week.  After they wilt, I'll plant the bulbs in the backyard where we can see next spring's blossoms from the deck.

I'm such a happy girl.

Except for the pollen part of spring.  I'm kinda hatin' on the pollen thing.

Welcome, Spring!


  1. Grandbabies are just so grand.

  2. Is the gardenia fragrant? (That's a serious question. Sometimes they aren't.) I ask, in part, because my Mom's favorite corsage was a gardenia. To this very day I can never, ever smell a gardenia without thinking of her.

  3. Yes! It has the most delightful Jungle Gardenia fragrance! You should have smelled the air as you walked through the front gate in NOLA where the original bush is, Buck! Between the gardenia and the Confederate jasmine, the fragrance could knock you over.