Thursday, December 27, 2012


Merry belated Christmas!

We are in Little Rock taking care of Elder Daughter's pups while she and family visit her in-laws in Dallas. Christmas Eve was wild and crazy at The Son's with duck gumbo, chili, ham, turkey, and 3 "grand crazies," as Pepper's first wife calls them. Christmas morning was calm at my Daddy's with Younger Daughter and SIL#2 with traditional Christmas Brunch Casserole, cheese grits, fruit, and cinnamon toast (since I forgot to buy Pillsbury cinnamon rolls). I think we may stick with toast in the future -- it was pretty good!

Then we hot-footed it back to ED's house as the freezing rain and sleet began to fall.

It changed over to heavy snow (even some thunder snow!) in late afternoon and kept falling steadily until the wee hours of the morning. There were already a good six inches at 9:00, when the power went out.  All told, we have between 10 and 12"! A genuine White Christmas!

That was 2 days ago. There is a huge snowball fight going on across the cul de sac as I type. In my car. While I charge my phone. Because the power is still out and not expected to be restored for days yet.

The thermostat now shows 49. At least there's a gas fireplace and a full propane tank on the grill. I built, and Pepper cooked, tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese for dinner last night. It was pretty good! He warmed water this morning for coffee and spit baths. Not quite so good.

I've decided to decree that 2012 is now officially Moogie's Grand Multiple Power Outage Extravaganza. I'm not sure which is the less pleasant: post-hurricane steamy hot power outage or post blizzard frigid, blustery outage.

We have friends who have offered showers and spare bedrooms, but we wouldn't take advantage of the bed hospitality with four dogs in tow. Maybe a shower!

Ah, the adventures in Moogie's World!


  1. Please pardon the typos. Blogger is being persnickety about my posting on the iPhone!

  2. Typos would be the LAST thing I'd worry about where you're concerned, Moogie. I hope the power is restored as quickly as possible. I'm also glad you have that gas fireplace and lots o' propane for the grill.

    Stay warm!

  3. Well? What's the verdict? No power in the heat of summer or cold of winter?

  4. I vote steamy heat outage as worse if you have heat backup for winter.

    That said, while our trees are still coated with ice this afternoon, our power stayed on and I'm sitting in front of the downstairs space heater.

  5. We did not lose power here at the Lazy B, but got the freezing rain and snow. I'm taking care of my mom's two dogs while she goes to NM with my daughter. With my three dogs, it makes for quite a pack. Too bad you are not in OK; you could use the guest room and shower. I probably would not even notice any new dogs.

    Funny story: At Thanksgiving we had a houseful of people and their dogs (my 3, my mom's 2, and my sister's 1 dog). Early TG morning my MIL and I were sitting on the couch drinking coffee, when Toby opened the front door to let our dogs out. At the same time, my mother opened the backdoor to let her dogs in. All six dogs were circling out one door and coming in the other - like clowns at a circus. My MIL and I were watching in amazement. It was pretty funny, but then I saw the neighbor's dog go through the house too. I said, "That's not even one of our dogs!" I thought my MIL was going to fall off the couch laughing.

  6. Thanks, Buck! We'll do our best!

  7. After further experience and reflection, Ron and PH, I'llcast steamy post-hurricane I the worse scenario role. And I 'll add, everyone still needs a battery-operated radio!

  8. That's a priceless story, Lou! I can picture it, like a slapstick movie! Thanks for the invite -- if we were in the neighborhood, I'd take you up!