Sunday, December 23, 2012

Idiocracy 101

We're taking care of Elder Daughter's pups and house while she, SIL#2, and Baby Jack spend Christmas with the in-laws in Texas. We got to have Thanksgiving with them, so I suppose I begrudgingly understand that sharing is only fair. Sort of.

So, tonight is what my Mama called "Garbahj" night -- emphasis on the second syllable -- when one hauls the trash to the curb so it can be picked up at some point the next day by city sanitation workers.  I just now schlepped the big green trash can to the curb. It was only about 1/2 full, whereas last week it was close to overflowing.  I suspect that's because there was no need to schlep it at all the week before, considering that a small family lives here at present. Even so, the re-cycling cart was seriously overflowing last Monday morning.

Tonight when I rolled the re-cycling cart out, it was nearly full -- understandably since there have been a whole lot more folks around this week.  Once I was at the curb, it hit me that I'm not in New Orleans, where we accept fewer items for recycling, but pick it up weekly. Noooo, I'm in Little Rock  where almost everything is accepted for recycling, but it's picked up only every other week. So, I rolled the re-cyclables back into the garage, and anticipating the holiday schedule, took two bags of re-cycled materials from the re-cycling cart and transferred them to the garbage cart where they will be collected and sent to the landfill.  Like we try to avoid by participating in re-cycling.

What's wrong with this picture?

Yeah. I agree.  Waaaay too much.



  1. Like we try to avoid by participating in re-cycling.

    I can't tell if'n your for or against the recycling thang by yer final comment. But I CAN tell you this: We don't recycle here in P-Ville, and I find this fact wonderfully refreshing after spending a year in Beserkeley, where I had FIVE different recycling bins... clear glass, brown glass, green glass, paper/cardboard, and metal... AND recycling POLICE authorized to issue citations if you put green glass in the brown glass bin... or some other heinous crime.

    Gimmee the troglodytes, please.

    1. "your" would be "you're" if I was fully caffeinated. Which I'm NOT.

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Pepper, and the extended family, Moogie!