Thursday, September 6, 2012

From Today's Inbox -- Explosive!

A fellow concealed carry permit holder sent this to me today -- I dare you to watch it without smiling and cheering.

See what I mean? 

One small thing, however -- I think Grandpa needs a little time at the range.  Aim for the core!

And someone needs to tell the woman holding her hands over her ears that she should not wander into the line of fire.

I hope the thugs broke their front teeth when they hit the deck while trying to escape. 


  1. That was fun, but was it for real? People didn't look very alarmed at any of the goings on.

  2. I saw this a few weeks ago and my first thought was the same as yours: more time on the range. Or mebbe a higher caliber sidearm.

  3. Yeah, Lou, I think it was real. It was reported by an Ocala tv station.

    Yep, Buck! Or a cannon.

  4. Moogie, I had read the story, but had somehow missed the surveillance video until just now.


    There really is nothing funny about it. But, I'm giggling, and I can't stop...