Saturday, September 1, 2012

After Isaac at Moogie's Mansion

Did I really say that it was fortunate there was a storm brewing so that Pepper could be distracted by tinkering with the generator? Do you think I had taken leave of my senses?

I do.

We're into day 4, maybe 5, with no power.

I will definitely assert that having a functioning generator is fortunate!  So is having gas for said generator.  Pepper left the house yesterday at 7:30 a.m. to get in line at a Walmart in Harahan (a 1 1/2 hour wait in line!) so he could give me 12 gallons of gas for my birthday! He's such a romantic!

Anyway, we've spent the last two nights on neighborhood porches, including one at Moogie's Mansion, in the company of good neighbors, guitar music, and lovely cocktails. (we've spent most of the days after getting clean-up done sitting around in our underwear in front of a fan when the generator is running.)

Pepper just saw several Entergy trucks and guys looking at the downed tree, distribution line, and transformer  that appear to be the source of our power outage. I hope they do more than look.

With all this humidity, I think I'm beginning to grow moss. It's not a very good color on me.


  1. Please pardon the repeat at the end. I'm posting on the iPhone and it ain't easy!

  2. Tell the workers to GET TO WORK!!! I want to come home soon:)

  3. Thanks for the update. Been wonderin' how you've fared.

    Our football team was supposed to beat up on Nicholls State today but they couldn't get out of town. I figured that if they couldn't fly then things must be pretty bad. Instead, we'll have an opening game against Wisconsin, which may also end up pretty bad. :(

    1. So, Inno...y'all are down to playing Nicholls State?


      But, maybe not even as sad as LSU having Towson on the schedule this season.



    2. Towson. Who, last I heard, was losing to Kent Freakin' State, and actually tackled a KS guy who was running the wrong way with a supposed fumble. If LSU can't beat them by triple digits, heads should hang in shame.

    3. Indeed, Inno. It has been a long time since somebody got beat by triple digits.

      Seems I remember reading as a young boy how 'Bama beat Cumberland College 220 to zip back in the long way past...

      But, I looked at that wrong-way runback deal...even posted it somewhere...oh yeah...The Facebook.



      They take classes in Maryland (and Towson is the second largest University in Maryland, too!).

      Coming to Tiger Stadium? Really?


      Heads should hang in shame for scheduling the game to start out with. And, I say this as a HUGE Elleshuuu fan. Bad idea. Really bad.

      Hell...LSU has never ever reached out to Grambling to play a football game. Doug Williams would probably jump at the chance to put his Tigers against Les Miles' Tigers.

      They'd get killed. But, at least it wouldn't be LSU killing Towson. I'm pretty sure Doug's players would run toward the opposing end zone (if they were able) and not their own.



      As a side note, I know Doug. Good man...

  4. What Inno said about the update.

    I feel for ya, as far as the "no power" situation goes. I lived a sorta similar existence in Biloxi back in '63 - '64. We had power, but I had no AC in my barracks. Heat + Gulf Coast humidity + no AC = one irritable boy, lemmee tell ya.

    I imagine the cocktails and guitars take the edge off, however.

  5. Moogie...I have been truly appreciating the updates on The Facebook.

    Y'all are tough stuff, and this is just a minor blip compared to what y'all have been through before (as you know).

    Moss? Sitting around in your underwear?

    Jeepers...I never figured this would turn in to a coonass porn blog!

    But, I reckon storms (and their resulting junk) can make for interesting times (usually The Best Of Times in my experience).

  6. I could have sworn I wrote a Happy Birthday comment, but it must have been blown away with the hurricane.