Friday, June 1, 2012

Just Call Him Mayor Mary Poppins

But, he probably wouldn't prescribe more than a half-teaspoon of sugar substitute to help the medicine go down.

I have never been so glad not to be a resident of the Big Apple.  I suppose after his off-the-wall insistence that no soft drinks larger than 16 oz be sold in NYC, the next target for Mayor Bloomberg will be bun-length hot dogs.  You know -- if you eat hot dogs that are regular length instead of super-sized bun-length hot dogs, you won't ingest as much salt and fat, so we're from the government and we're here to make help you moderate your salt and fat consumption!

I always held my cigarettes up to the place where I'd cracked the window, even when there was no one else in the car, because I remembered being trapped in the smoke-filled backseat while both parents puffed away. I've been a non-smoker since 1987, and these days I don't particularly care for sucking up someone else's smoke, but I think banning smoking outdoors in parks or beaches is just way too heavy-handed.  It's now a primary violation (meaning the driver can be pulled over simply for smoking, even if he's in compliance with all other traffic laws) in Arkansas for adults to smoke in their own cars if they're transporting a passenger under the age of 14.  A primary violation!!!  Hell, failing to wear seatbelts isn't even a primary violation!  And I'm happy about that.

We're reaching a tipping point.  I just hope we stand up to some of these Big Brotherisms before we find ourselves bent over, kissing our individual liberties goodbye.

Like Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller, I kinda go along with the first New Yorker interviewed below about the new NYC sugary drink regulation:



  1. But we the people are too stupid...

  2. NYUK! I love this story. Really, I do. It just shows to go that the Mayor of the City stupposedly housing the smartest folks in the world is just as stupid as the ones that elect him.

    I mean...REALLY? Yep! Really...

    I know without a doubt that New Yorkers will just buy two sodas (or three) that fall under the Ounce limit. They will also carry the little salt packages that you break in 1/3 that you get like 70 from the drive-in at Burger King in New Jersey (or wherever) in to a restaurant, and salt their food down so it tastes right.

    They will also smoke like chimneys in an alley somewhere.

    The guy is a midget, and gives them ALL a bad name.

    Just sayin'...

    True Napoleon Complex deal going on here. Just my humble, expert opinion...

  3. Ditto yerself on the Big Apple thang. Hell, I'm glad I have NO reason to go there any longer.

    I'm also thinkin' I've lived waaay too long.