Monday, June 4, 2012

From Pepper's Inbox

Pepper got this email today and forwarded it to me:


Would you like to help send Mitt Romney to the White House without ever leaving your home and earn free Mitt gear, too?  Our "Volunteer for Mitt" program is up and running for supporters who can spare a few minutes to make personal calls to other voters across the country.

To thank you for your hard work and support for Mitt, the campaign will be giving away thank you gifts based on the number of calls made between Monday, June 4th and Saturday, June 9th.

Incentives are the following:
  • 100 total calls made - bumper sticker
  • 250 total calls made - lapel pin
  • 500 total calls made - signed photo
  • 1,000 total calls made - Romney t-shirt
  • 1,500 total calls made - Romney half-zip sweatshirt
To get started making calls, go to to log in or register.

With your help, we can build the strong grassroots organization we need to be successful in November. Please consider donating a few minutes of your time from the comfort of your own home to this critical effort.

Thank you for your help!


Rich Beeson
Political Director

While I have decided to support Mitt (mainly because his name is not Barack Hussein Obama), I think I shall have to decline this particular offer of a quid pro quo.  As I replied to Pepper, I despise getting those political calls so much myself that I would be loathe to inflict them on anyone else.

On the other hand, if that "Romney half-zip sweatshirt" is also a hoodie . . . the delicious irony of it all might just cause me to reconsider.


  1. Do you get the hoodie if you call one guy 1500 times? That would work!

    I think the rewards/incentives are out of line with the required effort. Didn't campaigns give away stuff like bumper stickers and pins in the past? Or am I misrememberin' stuff?

  2. That thought occurred to me, too, Buck. Who knows these days!