Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ya Gotta Love a Principal Who Sticks to her Guns. Um, Principles. She Doesn't Carry, I'm Pretty Sure.

I'm sitting here listening to the intercom (yes, they broadcast over their intercom to the entire neighborhood, but we always know what's going on!) at Sophie B. Wright Institute for Academic Excellence (Whew! That's a mouthful, even when you type it!) down the street, and I've just experienced yet another refreshing note of what's happening in that school.

The Principal's irritated voice (yes, I recognize her voice by now) summoned three students by name and directed them to board the bus at once:  "Get on the bus now.  You're holding up the entire bus and the entire route.  Get aboard your bus immediately, and I mean NOW! Do NOT make me go looking for you!"

How cool is that -- a principal who takes no guff and suffers no fools.  Way to walk the walk, Ms. Clark!  Happy Homecoming Week!


  1. I was lucky in my first teaching job to get a principal and superintendent who supported their teachers and had a high level of discipline. That was in a large high school on the Tex-Mex border - it was tough.

  2. Moogie, way up north here in Bossier, we continually hear good things about the New Orleans Reorganized School System (or, whatever the official name of it know what I mean). Charter schools in NO may just be the salvation of a generation.

    Long time coming. WAY past due. "Miraculous" is a place it probably won't get to. But, step by step, maybe some of those kids will work their way up and turn the ship...with the guidance of good folks like Ms. Clark, of course.

    I hope y'all win the game, too!

  3. "Do NOT make me go looking for you!"

    WHY did I just think of Mom?

  4. You were lucky indeed, Lou!

    Yep -- the Charters are pretty much kickin' some educational tail around here, Andy! Thanks to strong guidance.

    Me, too, PH.

    Smiling as I think of Mama, too, Buck.