Monday, March 28, 2016

The Monday After Easter

Happy Day after Easter! Easter, the most blessed and joyous observation in Christianity. A day spent rejoicing in our Savior's sacrifice, made so that we foolish and wicked humans may have eternal life.

And the day after that Holiest of days, when the Capitol and White House are on lock-down because of shots fired. One in custody, one Capitol police officer with non-life-threatening injuries. Sheesh.

On a more irreverent note, does anyone else find it deliciously ironic that Ivanka Trump gave birth to a baby boy and named him Ted?

Sorry. Couldn't resist.  The snark is weak.

And, I'm publishing the iconic Bouie Cottontail, one last time. I need to find some new bunny ears so I can embarrass the girl dogs in the future.

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