Saturday, June 6, 2015

Keeping Things Clean

I love the way a clean house looks and smells, but I'm not so crazy about the process of getting it clean. I must say, however, that Moogie's Manor is much easier to clean than the Mansion in New Orleans. And, today, this sucker is clean! I even did some baseboards.

We don't have dust bunnies at the Manor, we have dust DOGGIES.

Guess why.

Good guess!

We occasionally even get to sit on the couch. But, just occasionally. They're anxiously awaiting post time at The Belmont. Don't they look anxious?

Crossing my fingers for a Triple Crown celebration -- I re-stocked the Triple Sec just in case. Happy weekend!


  1. I have similar Terrier bunnies. Do not wear black in my house, because you will leave wearing white fur on your black.

  2. Yes he does,PH!!

    We have gray dust doggies since we added the white puppy to the mix, Lou.