Monday, October 27, 2014

A Note from The Labradors' Manor (previously known as MOOGIE'S Manor!)

Well, the two remaining black boys found wonderful homes so we're down to one puppy, Little Miss Yap (Lagniappe):

She has learned to walk on a leash (usually) and she poops outside (usually). The piddle thing is hit and miss. She'll (usually) piddle outside if taken there, but sometimes the notion hits her while she's inside and she (usually) doesn't bother to make the effort to go outside before she squats.

Bouie is learning to tolerate her, but he's not as playful with her as he was with Mysti when she was a pup. that could be a result of either age or of being totally overwhelmed by puppies lately.

But, the family that plays together stays together!

She seems to be making herself right at home.  I think we might be in trouble.

Her sweet Mama, Mysti, isn't one to let puppy toys remain unshredded.  I'm afraid that habit might have gotten her in trouble.  As I type, she's at the vet, undergoing a barium scan because we're afraid she has an obstruction. When Miss Mysti refuses pizza crust and chicken tenders, there's something badly amiss. Please keep her in your thoughts -- I'm a little scared.


  1. Hugs. It's scary when our babies are sick.

  2. Thoughts and prayers for Mysti. I worry about this sort of thing myself with Murphy, the K9 goat, eating everything here.

  3. Thanks, guys. She's undergoing surgery right now. I'm ready for the vet to call now.

  4. I do hope Mysti is all better soon.

  5. I hope it all worked out, Moogie. My best thoughts for Mysti.