Saturday, June 7, 2014

Update --Stuff: Weekend and Stolen

Well, shoot.and, you did know I meant Belmont, right?

This would be hysterical if it weren't so darn true.

Stolen from Facebook.

Happy Preakness Day!  Thirty-six years ago, on June 10th, Pepper and I watched Affirmed win the last Triple Crown in our hotel room on our 2-day honeymoon. It'd be nice to have another Triple to celebrate on our anniversary on Monday! Geaux, Chrome!

On an athletic note of the human variety, Pepper and Grandkid #1 rode in a bicycle race this morning benefiting CARTI (Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute). They opted for the "half-century" length -- fifty miles.  This was #1's first time to do that distance and Pepper said he did pretty well, with just a little whining.  I'm proud of them -- and glad the torrential rains held off until the afternoon! Numbers 2 and 3, plus The Son, joined them at the finish.

Annnnnnd, Mysti is back in heat. It's nutzo time again at Moogie's Manor.  *sigh*  The pups have also appropriated Moogie's new fountain as their outdoor water source. *heavy sigh*  What are ya gonna do?

See you after Post time!

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