Friday, January 31, 2014

Perching Upon the Throne is Fleeting

You may recall that Moogie reigned during 2013 as the Queen of the Krewe of CAMAN.  It was a glorious season as I was able to "crown up" several times.  I even "tiara-ed up" once or twice.

Alas, the reign has come to an end.

I made my farewell promenade around the CAMAN Ballroom floor in New Orleans two weeks ago amid thunderous applause.  I even high-fived a few folks.  These are the farewell roses bestowed upon me before they put me to work helping my successor get mantled- and crowned-up.

It's a good thing I like my successor.  Treachery has been known to occur among Royals.

But, fear not for the fate of The Crown.  It has been put to good use as the feature of the first Mardi Gras decor scheme at Moogie's Manor in Little Rock!

And from another angle.

The sideboard is dolled up, too, with treasures old and new.  I did the fleur de lis painting on the right.  (Don't look, Lou.)

The kitchen table is home to a treasure I "won" in a silent auction several years ago -- much to Pepper's delight.  Heh.  It is a favor from the Rex Ball held in 1917.  I caught the beads at some point during the past 14 years.

There are wreaths and trinkets all over the house, as usual.  Makes me not miss Carnival quite so much -- not a lot of folks decorate for Mardi Gras up here.  I hear they even deliver the mail here on Fat Tuesday!   We will go down in late February for the second week of parades, but I don't know how many more times I can talk Pepper into doing that.  But The Queen needs to have her spirit fed!  And to acquire more worthless trinkets tossed from a piece of moving art.  Ah, the trials of royalty!

You'll have to excuse the Queen now.  She needs to go vacuum and dust for the upcoming Super Bowl Gala she is hosting along with her Consort on Sunday, featuring a -- you guessed it -- Mardi Gras theme! Speaking of thrones, I probably need to scrub the toilets, too.



  1. I'm wondering just HOW I missed your announcement post last year... which I rectified by going to view it today. I had to have missed it, otherwise why did I not comment?

    Life is just FULL o' mysteries.

    That said... at least your reign came to a good end, unlike some other queens in the historical past who kinda-sorta lost their heads, if'n ya get my drift.

    Nice pics!

  2. Full o' mysteries indeed, Buck! And I get your drift indeed!