Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

So, here's a teaser of that Alaska trip post (or posts!) to come, taken with my phone, no less:

Mendenhall Glacier, near Juneau.  Indescribable.

In the meanwhile, until I get enough discipline corralled to do the 50th state justice, I'd like to engage in a little too much TMI so you realize that this is "Semi-Old Folks' Maintenance Week" around Moogie's Manor. 

Today I'm on a strictly liquid diet and a fun, fun, fun (not) chugging beverage in preparation for tomorrow morning's routine groggy GI procedure.  I expect tomorrow afternoon will revolve around multiple naps and solid food.

Then, Thursday morning I can't apply deodorant or lotion so I can wear that interesting high-fashion gown and get The Girls smashed between those cold radiological plates.  You guys who think prostate exams are humiliating ain't got a clue.  Going through childbirth seems to take the edge off of the humiliation factor, though.  There's just something about the goods being exposed to a roomful of strangers that shatters a timid attitude.

Finally, Thursday afternoon the Roots get a thorough touching up, thus shaving years and many pounds off of the Moogie chassis. Trust me, it'll do the trick!  Just go along with me on this, okay?

Then, there's more football in the air for the weekend as SO-F Maintenance Week winds down.  Are you ready for a little Woooo Pig Soooieee and Who Dat!!

I love Fall.

Go get your maintenance done.


  1. ...taken with my phone, no less...

    Well, there's this about that... I packed my high-zoot dSLR for the recently completed trip and broke it out exactly ONCE, wherein it didn't perform nearly as well as my cheap-ass cell phone camera. I'm seriously considering putting the whole outfit on eBay and just using the phone's camera for the rest o' my days. What a revolting development (heh), eh?

    As for the rest of yer post... Aiiieee. We've been there and done that... except for the compression thing... and we do NOT envy you. That said, I'm thinking the prostate biopsy thing matches the cold radiological plates in every negative aspect... if not exceeding it. Just sayin'. ;-)

  2. Hurry up with the Alaska pics, hey?

  3. That photo is very paintable!

    Being a woman, I totally understand. Now that I am going through this over-heating stage of my life, I don't mind walking around naked - doesn't bother me at all.