Friday, July 26, 2013


This is the front door to Moogie's Manor in Little Rock!

We locked the door to Moogie's Mansion in New Orleans for the last time on June 19th and headed north, several weeks earlier than originally planned.   It was indeed bittersweet to leave New Orleans, but we've been so busy with family and friends that I've barely had time to feel wistful.  Plus, there are now 5 grandchildren!  Baby Walter Arthur, nicknamed "Mac," was born to Younger Daughter and her husband on May 29th, right on time!  His arrival,and my job of helping the new family, kinda put a time crunch on packing, so Pepper set about it like a madman in my absence, nearly losing his mind (and a whole lot of other stuff!) in the process.

And today is Baby Jack's first birthday!  Where did that year go?!?!

The dogs have settled in, but Bouie was a little freaked out by the whole packing and moving thing.

Mysti Puppy was at Boarding School learning to be a good girl/duck dog during the move, so she did a little better.  We had to pick her up earlier than planned because her trainer had to have a pacemaker implanted.  She may need a little refresher course even though Pepper is still working on her training.  She's so competitive!  And she tends to bully Bouie a bit.  Just look how big she is! (Bouie is looking at the camera).

And Moogie FINALLY got to ride the boat!  We've been to the lake several times with Elder Daughter and family since the move -- the dogs LOVE it!  We even have to keep Mysti on a leash while the boat is moving because she really likes the water and isn't afraid of jumping into it.  This is at Lake Ouachita, which actually is crystal clear -- the dogs have just stirred up the silt.

We spent the day with Eldest Grandson today.  And I've FINALLY gotten access to a computer that will allow me to post pictures!  So, maybe I'll be a little better about blogging.  Maybe.   Hopefully.

So, we have become back deck people instead of front porch people -- The Manor is peaceful and quiet, surrounded by trees, with many songbirds and chipmunks.  And damn squirrels.  LOTS of damn squirrels! 

And so, even though we still haven't hung all the pictures or gotten around to the POD, (that's going to be a process!)  life is good in Moogie's World.  (Except for the damn squirrels.)  I hope your world is good, too.

(And, yes, I did adjust that cattywhompus door mat.  Doesn't it just drive you crazy in that first picture!)


  1. Miss y'all in the neighborhood. Glad y'all are settling in there. There has been no action at the manse.

  2. Huzzah! You're BACK... and oh, how we've missed ya!

  3. Congrats on the move and glad to see a blog update. Those dogs are looking great! Just sorry that I never got to visit you guys in New Orleans, a city that I get to much more frequently than Little Rock.

  4. We miss our wonderful neighbors, too, Ron. But I can't believe the new folks haven't had crews there yet. They have big re-model plans.

    Missed y'all, too, Buck! Hope I'm approaching more regular blog time.

    Dogs are living the life of Riley, Murph. LR is a pretty good place to visit these ads!

  5. Welcome to Arkansas! Nice to know I have a blogger I actually read just 1 1/2hr down I40 from me.

  6. I knew there was a reason I kept your link in my blog roll! Welcome back!

  7. THanks, DD! It's good to know you're that near!

    THanks, PH! I'm a little rusty, but hopefully I'm getting my blog-legs back!