Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm Still Alive!

Just busy, busy, busy!  Plus, our desktop computer has been inhabited by poltergeists and hasn't let me sign in to the blog (or post comments on yours!) for several weeks.  (And the house has shown 500,000 times in the last few months, with a break for Mardi Gras, of course, so we've been kicked out of it often and I wouldn't have been able to use the computer even if it weren't haunted.)

I just had a brainstorm and gave Safari a try instead of Explorer, and voila!!  Here I am!

Right before I have an appointment and must go.

Nonetheless, the real estate listing has expired -- yay!  Now maybe we can engage someone who knows how to market a 1906 Victorian in Uptown and get the hell out of Dodge!  (The resident ghosts, however, -- even the kind lady who saved Younger Daughter's life by stopping her fall down the very steep stairs -- appear to be displeased with our decision to retire up north and have taken to rendering one thing or another non-functional in the house on a regular basis.  And Pepper has decided to do a DIY bathroom update upstairs.  And you know how involved he gets in those things!)

Mysti is growing like a weed (maybe I'll try to post pictures soon!), Bouie is just as sweet as ever, and Spring has come and gone several times in the last few weeks.  Today it's gone again, but Friday will see gorgeous weather.

A huge BOOM awoke us at 3:00 this morning.  It seems some clown in a Jeep tried to take the tun onto our sidestreet at breakneck speed and would up on its side, wedged between two cars -- upon which it wreaked havoc. Fortunately, neither car belonged to the denizens of Moogie's Mansion, or to our cute little tenant.  Unfortunately, it left a huge pile of shattered glass, side mirrors, and crap from inside (Golf coasters?  Who drives around with an open package of glass golf coasters?!?!) which the City blithely ignored, leaving Moogie to clean up the mess so Pepper's tires won't get shredded.  Filled half a tall kitchen-size trash bag!  And not happy about it.

Ah!  This is more like it!  There's nothing like a blog post fix.


  1. It's good to hear from you. May your house sell quickly and all go well.

  2. I was beginning to worry, I was.

    I wish I were still in the house-buying game. I'd love me a 1906 Victorian in N'Awlins. I really would. I'd also like to be about 40 again, too. (sigh)

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