Wednesday, January 9, 2013

UPDATE -- Bouie's Health Scare and Other Canine Medical Crises

When I wrote the blog post about Bouie, our Christmas Miracle, that detailed his scary encounter with antifreeze and the treatment to save him, we didn't know that we hadn't yet finished our put-Little Rock-veterinarians-into-the-black Holiday Tour.

That post was written on December 22nd.  Bouie continued to improve, although he was a little weak.  I couldn't help but smile every time I looked at him.  The Christmas blizzard hit and all the dogs had a ball romping in the snow (except for Pippi who is a little princess and doesn't like to get her paws wet, much less wet and cold!).  The power outage continued and we were glad to have four dogs to cuddle up. 

Then the morning of Friday, December 28th arrived. 

I had left the family room where the fireplace is located after Pepper got up and active with the dogs. I planned to catch a little nap bundled up in the bed when I heard Pepper cussing, so I went to see what the trouble was.  He was pacing and trying to reach Vet #2 on the phone -- Bouie was droopy, obviously not feeling well.  He hadn't touched his breakfast.  He didn't seem to be as bad as on the 16th, but something was definitely wrong.

Neither of us would say it aloud, but we were both terrified that his kidneys were failing.  And once organ failure sets in . . . .

The vet didn't answer the phone.  I figured their power was out, too, so I called Younger Daughter's vet -- they had power in that neighborhood.  I explained what was going on and asked if they could see Bouie; they said to bring him right in.  I scribbled some phone numbers -- the Emergency vet's, our vet's in New Orleans, and Vet #2's -- on a scrap of paper so that Vet #3 could access Bou's records if need be, and Pepper took off, a look of defeat clouding his face.  I didn't hear from him for a couple of hours.

In the meantime, my Daddy called, telling me that he couldn't get warm and that he finally would agree to go to Younger Daughter's house.  I got dressed and headed to his house, calling Pepper en route.  Bouie had a fever, and that could be good news.  He was waiting to hear test results at YD's, but was clearly in better, if guarded, spirits.

After getting Daddy packed up, transported, and settled in at YD's with some warm Wendy's chili in his tummy, I took my first shower in days!  It's amazing what clean hair can do for the disposition.

When Vet #3 finally called, well after 5:00 p.m., she had very good news!  Bouie's organ function tests came back perfectly normal -- there was no failure!  Other bloodwork showed infection, and infection can be treated!  She was going to start him on antibiotics, but wanted to keep him overnight for observation -- test results for specific bacteria wouldn't be available until mid-week due to the New Year's holiday and weather.  (And, yes, the bloodwork was done at the Baptist Hospital lab, a place I used to think was only for people!)  We were to call Saturday morning after 8:00 and Bouie would probably be discharged!

Palpable relief!!!

We spent the night lonely for our boy, but hopeful that our veterinary saga was nearing its end.  Pepper called at the stroke of 0800, and was out the door to collect Bouie in a flash!

Meanwhile, Elder Daughter's boxer, Tyson, who had been making sounds like a whooping crane was trying to get out of his belly for several days, continued to whoop, even though we had started him on leftover antibiotics days earlier at ED's direction.  About the time Pepper was getting home with a much-improved and hungry Bouie, Vet #2 texted in response to a message I'd left about Tyson two days before.  I called the number advised by the text and got ready to take Tyson to Vet #2.

A few hours later, I brought hot coffee, Tyson, and a load of antibiotics to join the canine pharmacy  belonging to Bouie.  We enjoyed a family reunion unlike any before, and hopefully unlike any ever again.

Daddy's power came back on; ED returned home while I was re-settling Daddy.  Pepper got a hotel room and planned with SIL#1 how to take care of the dogs while we stayed warm.  I was packing to join them at the hotel when, POW!!  The lights came back on!  And stayed on!

December 29, 2012, was a very good day.

This is what Bouie looked like during his hangover on December 19th as I drove him home:

Is that a goofy, drunk dog or what!  And here are a few more happy dog pics taken after that very good day that warm my heart.  Say hello to Grandson Jack on New Year's Eve!  Hi, ho, Bouie!

Watching Dad do some stuff outside without any dogs.

Feeling better.

Mysti was very happy that Bouie was home.

Life is good in Moogie's World.

But, you don't want to know how much we spent on vet bills in a mere two weeks' time.



  1. I was all over the internet during the holidays, but somehow missed your first post about this. What a big serving a scary-berries!

    Very glad it all worked out!

  2. But, you don't want to know how much we spent on vet bills in a mere two weeks' time.

    Worth EVERY penny. All's well that ends well, too. I think you MIGHT be tellin' stories about this "vacation" for years to come.

  3. I just got home from a trip to town and found that Max, my Great Dane puppy, had rolled in some sort of poop. I'm assuming it is horse poop. Max reeks and has been banned to the outdoors.

    Glad you and your dogs made it through the holidays.

  4. Poor Bouie, I can relate to the anxiety and the cost...and it's always worth it. Glad Murphy's southern net-buddy is doing better.