Friday, August 10, 2012

Checking In

Still around -- doing the Moogie thing with baby Jack and his parents. Also dog sitting Zeus while Younger Daughter and SIL#2 are taking a long overdue vacay. As I posted on Facebook yesterday, I feel so very needed and important!

Pepper has nearly killed himself patching and painting and packing and getting Moogie's Mansion in spiffy condition to put on the market.  The sign went up in the yard a few days ago.  Mixed emotions.

We're all overdosing on Olympics.  Waiting for Mitt to take off the gloves.  And walking on crunchy grass. Holy cow! It's just ridiculous! I even heard on the radio news today that the Mississippi River is so low that commerce is being affected in the whole basin.

Oh. And the Honey Badger has been kicked out of the Tiger Den.  Sorry, Andy!  It looks like Bobby Petrino is working an apology strategy. Could be interesting. Sorry I'm not linking -- I'm still on the Apple (iPad) learning escalator.

And tired.

But, the little stinker is cuter every day; now starting to make, and hone in on, eye contact. Holding and looking at him is the very definition of awe.  My Daddy got to meet him today.  There were 4 generations in the same room!  A miracle unparalleled.

And, three of those generations graduated from the University of Arkansas! WPS!!!!!


  1. Grandbabies are SUCH fun. And you can give 'em back, too. I always liked that feature best. ;-)

    I hear ya about the mixed emotions, especially with a place like yours, in a city like N'Awlins. It would be tough for me to leave all that.

  2. Yes to all of the above, Buck.

  3. Moogie, with any luck, baby Jack will break the cycle.

    One can always hope.

    Mathieu was bad for LSU. I have been predicting a few upset losses for my Tigers, but now that LeSmiles has put his foot down (again...he's had to kick stars off before), I look for more focus, and probably an undefeated regular season.

    I've got some photos of "5 generations" with my beloved great grandmother-Granny Laura, my Grandmother, my Mom, me, and my sons Dean, Ross, & Phillip.

    Fambly is good.

    Better go photo album fishin', I guess.

    The best thing about those pitchers is that NONE of 'em graduated from...oh, never mind... ;)