Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blogger Ate My Post!!

Seriously?  I went in to do one little edit, had a blank screen, hit publish, and the post went away?!?!

I'll try to re-construct it shortly, but I'm just a little too miffed right now.


  1. Moogie, it may not really have eaten it. Give it time...The Globber has been "iffy" about junk this afternoon.

    It might regurgitate the post.

    But, probably not...

  2. It sometimes eats my responses to posts. Nothing like making a comment, getting through the stupid zillion letter security that I can hardly read, and then having it go into the ozone along with the lost socks from the dryer.

  3. hope the rest of your day gets better ;)

  4. Ouch. I usually hit the "back" button on my browser and get it (whatever I lost) back. Sometimes.

    Sorry about that... I have a couple o' these tee shirts, too.

  5. I hate when I screw up a good post and lose it. Hugs.

  6. Quickest way to prevent the disappearing act is to hit CTRL+A then CTRL+C to copy the post to your clipboard before editing.

    If the post goes away, just start a new post and paste it back in.

    I do it habitually when writing comments.