Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Magic Shines On!

That "more to come" magic that I promised yesterday? It happened!

Baby Girl #2 is engaged and wearing her great-grandmother's ring! Nick totally surprised her -- and there was a party waiting in the wings with friends and family (except her lonely parents stuck in another state!) and cake and a banner and Bud Lite Lime! She didn't even care that the house was messy!

I must say that we seem to have done pretty well in the child-in-law department. I understand from those who were not so lucky that doing well in that department is truly a good thing.

So, here we are on Black and Gold Super Beauxl Sunday with another wedding on the way. I can already hear the bank account groaning. But we're smiling!

There must be pigs soaring above the glaciers that have overtaken hell! Two engaged daughters, the Saints are playing in the Super Bowl, and New Orleans elected a white mayor yesterday.

Who'd have thunk it.



  1. Moogie, congratulations! Girl, if you are blessed with fine chilluns-in-law, then you are TRULY blessed. I've got one that I can't stand, and it hurts to say that...#1 son married WAY beneath himself.

    But, #3 son is making up for it with a REAL peach.

    Yeah, I saw Mitchie won yesterday. Like I said, y'all could do worse, I guess. He's the Landrieu that doesn't turn my stomach...the one with a little bit of class, I think.

    You probably saw this cartoon, but if not...

    Hey! Good luck on your Saints. I hope I am wrong. I usually am.

  2. Congrats!

    re: I must say that we seem to have done pretty well in the child-in-law department.

    I too have been blessed in this space. My two DILs are... or should be... national treasures.

  3. Buck, somehow I knew that, without you even having to say it. Good on them!

  4. How much better can things get?!? I hope and pray our two are as fortunate in their mates.