Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making a List and Checking it Twice

I've been keeping a list on my desk beside the computer for the better part of two years now.  Thus, contemplating the demise of one year and the commencement of another, I have consulted that list and now offer a few suggestions about some words, phrases, and people that we could do away with entirely and I'd never miss 'em.  They've been over-used, had their meanings tortured, and the mere thought of them makes me cringe, to-wit:


Teachable moment

Comprehensive reform

"Make no mistake"

"Let me make this clear"

"Some people say we should do nothing"

"Fighting for you"

Acronyms (TARP, DISCLOSE, GIVE, SHARE, DREAM, ad nauseum)

Boob belts and horizontal stripes

Justin Bieber.

Does anybody have anything to add?


  1. Peggy Frickin' Kessler. I see this damned ad at least ten times a day and find myself wishing she'd just die so Cancer Centers of America would HAVE to produce another commercial. I know that's horrible of me, but consider the circumstances: I've been ABUSED.

    DADT, VERY public "gay rights" advocates. Just SHUT UP already; no one gives a damn who you sleep with. And the same goes for cretins on the other side who insist on making this non-issue an issue.

    You know there may be more. ;-)

  2. Oh, Buck, you are so naughty! But, seriously, I feel your pain on the repetitive commercials. Aaaggghhh! And the whole DADT debate has crawled under my skin, too. I'm afraid the Congress has unleashed a dog of war that will demand more and more goodies. Most military folks around here feel the same way.

    And, guess what! The PFK link showed up as blue! Go figure.

  3. I like the Justin Bieber one...haha. BUT... very thankful that we have had a Paris Hilton/Britney Spears free 2010!!!!

  4. I hadn't thought about that particular blessing, Cuz! Thanks for pointing out a true and welcome blessing!

  5. "Under the bus" needs to go under the bus once and for all.

  6. Carbon-neutral.




    Excellent communication skills. (If you have to use this one, you don't have 'em.)


    [He will be able to forge a] consensus.

    Rich tapestry, robust, diverse, excellence through diversity.

    (Can't believe nobody's nailed this one yet, guess it's up to me,) GREEN!


    Hope and Change.

    Religious right.


    [blah blah blah] squandered [blah blah] goodwill.

    Learning disabilities/dyslexia

    Sit down and talk out our differences with our enemies.

    Pretext for [invasion]/[war]

    Is it okay to get into movies on the small screen and/or big screen? Think I will...

    I'm coming with you!

    No you're not!

    I find myself pushing away people [I love] [I care about the most]; guess I'm just afraid...

    [I think] [I'm/We're] getting too old [for this [shit]].

    This time, you'd better make it to his soccer game or else don't bother to promise him. It breaks my heart watching you break your son's hear by breaking your promises to him!! (Couldn't believe they went here in "Faster"; the story has absolutely, positively nothing to do with it whatsoever.)

    Call 911!

    Too much information

    Queer eye

    I hope this doesn't make me sound sexist






    My girlfriend's got a few of these...I'll share even though they don't bother me that much...

    Trust me

    To tell you the truth

    To be honest


    That's [just] how I roll

  7. I bow to the Master, mk! You even called a few more to mind! (Even though the link to Unqualified was brojen).

  8. And, the link was "broken." Pardon my husband's Viking heritage.