Friday, August 6, 2010

Bouie's Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Bouie's sweet self is posted on the Ducks Unlimited website! The son took this pic with a cell phone during a hunt at Stuttgart. I think I've posted it here before.

There's also another shot of him running toward me on the beach. I took it last summer during a day-trip to Grand Isle. No oil booms around then, but lots of tourists.

If'n you're feeling like it, please visit the website and "like" him. I've always thought he was handsome enough to be a pin-up boy; maybe if enough people "like" him, he can be!


  1. That is one beautiful animal! I dearly love black labs. I'm prejudiced toward them because of my own fabulous experiences with them.

    I'll go like him.

  2. Dang it, Moogie, look what you've done! I've only been at work for about 20 minutes and I'm already missing my doggies!

    Seriously, though. That is really cool. I've always been partial to Labradoggies and yours looks like a champ!

  3. Thanks, everyone! Let's hope that fame doesn't go to his head.

  4. Bouie wants to be a calendar dog so the labragirls will see him and maybe hook up! He hopes to get lucky before the crazies in the NOLA City Council come for him with their snippers.

  5. Heh. He'd be such a good daddy! Sir.